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OOUX is a thoughtful, robust methodology for reducing complexity and creating intuitive user experiences, but the skills and insights gained through this course go beyond stickies and maps. OOUX isn't just a process; it teaches you a new, more practical, comprehensive approach to product, design, and development work and improves your overall skills. Let's talk about integrating OOUX into your UI and feature work.

In this happy hour, we will go beyond the object map and explore some practical tips and tricks by reviewing some real-world examples.

This event is for you if:

  • You are a designer or product professional considering OOUX but you aren't sure how the holistic nature of this philosophy fits in with a more agile environment or within the constraints of legacy systems.
  • You are well-versed in OOUX but you're struggling to implement OOUX principles when tasked with UI and feature-level work.
  • You're curious about how you can start with a current-state audit of broken, isolated, shapeshifting, and masked objects and "work backwards" to create a more intuitive and connected system.

Sophia Prater often says, "A little OOUX is better than no OOUX!" This practical talk will show you how to jumpstart OOUX: even within deep technical constraints and a feature-by-feature project cadence.

Lauren Stone is a Certified OOUX Strategist and works as a Senior Product Designer for Florence Healthcare in Atlanta, GA. She takes a hands-on approach to design and enjoys learning through experimentation and execution. With every new lesson and experience, Lauren has continuously refined her knowledge and skills.

Information Architecture

At the 2015 IA Summit, I (your organizer, Sophia) had a front row seat to Marsha Haverty's mindblowing lecture, "What we Mean by Meaning." The talk received a standing ovation — it was such a hit that the conference organizers asked Marsha to repeat her talk later in the conference for any one who had missed it.
Here are the slides from that talk:

Marsha returned to the IA Summit stage in 2017 to deliver another talk that gave some of the greatest minds in information architecture more juicy food for thought. I missed this talk, "Acting Naturally with Information," but I watched the recording after Andrew Hinton recommended it (thanks, Andrew!). Here's the recording of that talk:

Again, mind: blown.

Currently, Marsha Haverty is at Autodesk, leading the experience design architecture team for 3D product design and manufacturing.

The team is wrangling constantly increasing complexity — and they are leveraging Object-Oriented UX to help do it. At the end of 2021, Marsha and six other experience architects embarked on the OOUX Masterclass ( to help mechanical engineers, CAD managers, and related roles focus on bringing their products into the world, instead of spending time doing things like managing files and versions of files — and files within files...and files that don't play nice with other files.

In this talk, Marsha will show us OOUX through her expert eyes.

Information Architecture

If you've ever felt lost and directionless in your career and personal development, this talk is for you! We are kicking off 2022 with Denise Francis as she tells her story about discovery, overcoming, and belonging as a Black female product designer in Atlanta. She'll share insights on how to use your past experiences, identify your strengths, and map out your mentor and support network to find your superpower.

Denise Nicole Francis is an Atlanta-based Sr. Product Designer at a well-known Customer Relationship Management corporation, with a focus in User Experience Design. Formerly, she graced the city of Atlanta as a designer at The Weather Channel | An IBM Business, and as Visual and Creative Designer with Grammy award winning singer/songwriter India.Arie (who she still moonlights with as a creator). Denise believes that her past ventures as an Architect with various Atlanta-based Architecture firms shaped who she is today. With an education from Florida A&M University [ Bachelor of Science and Masters in Architecture] and Savannah College of Art and Design [Masters of Fine Art in Graphic Design], she is known for contributing aesthetically pleasing and functional design to the world which is inspired by her daily interactions with others and excursions to beautiful environments. Denise says that a good portion of her successes attributes to keeping people at the heart of [her] designs and spending time understanding herself as a designer while focusing on the vulnerable parts of those experiences. Her interests include most things “design”, anything creative, as well as an obsession with her own whimsical imagination. She is also inspired by her Caribbean [Antiguan] upbringing as well as all things dunked in good ethical reason, especially relatable creative content.

Denise's LinkedIn:


From helping data centers run efficiently, running automated warehouses, and ensuring crowd safety in large stadiums - invisible enterprise software keeps our world moving everyday. If you've ever wondered who is behind the scenes wrangling complexity at an enterprise level, what they do, or even if you are curious about a job opportunity in this space, this one's for you.

Ashoomi and Aly are here to talk about adapting UX methods and integrating UX processes to build enterprise applications. They'll also cover their learnings and best practices on processes, challenges, managing diverse stakeholders, and championing collaboration to 'earn your seat' as a UX practitioner in any organization.

UX Design

By 2030, 55% of the population will be over the age of 55. Getting older is something to be celebrated. Yet, in the technological space, aging is seen as a disadvantage. Many older people are left with little assistance to use technology fully (or in some cases, at all). In this talk, we will go over the changes that can occur as we age. Jasmine will discuss the changes in the brain and the body as we get older and the wonderful ways that our bodies face new challenges as the years go by. She will also share some tips to ensure that our designs and future technologies are inclusive and assist us in the different stages of our lives.

Jasmine is a Senior UX Designer at EY with a passion for inclusion and innovation based in Atlanta, GA. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in HCI. A member of UXHelpers and IxDA, she has given presentations about accessibility, inclusion, and design thinking. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing video games, rock climbing, reading, and obsessing over K-Pop sensation, BTS.

Jasmine's LinkedIn:

Radical Inclusion
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