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Seminars Attended

Join us this month for Lightning Talks! Our Lightning Talks meetup features 4-5 speakers from the community to present on a topic of their choice. Expand your mind and grow with us as we cheer them on!


"Career Strategies in UX" with Amy Santee

"Writing is a Skillset UX Designers Need" by Lucy Fairbanks

"Making Your Personal Brand Work For You" with Nia Moore

"Case Study on Screen Readers and Accessibility" by Leyda Hughes

"How Practicing UI Design Daily Helped Me Land an Internship!" by Maya Stucky


If you mentally tense up at the thought of a design critique, this talk is for you! Pouring your effort into a design only to have it get ripped apart can be a jarring and upsetting experience. But getting design feedback is necessary for the product design process. Join us as we explore:

  • How do I empathize with my partners even if I disagree?
  • How do I turn the things I struggle with partners on as an advantage? 
  • How can I use something like an art class to keep my skills sharp?
  • Can critique skills help with everyday life communication?

This is getting deep. Mastering design feedback will advance your skills and streamline your work.

UX Design

Ontologies, knowledge graphs, and Object-Oriented do we connect the dots of all of these things — that connect dots?!

In this live demo, Sophia, Ahren, and Bob will attempt to do just that.

Ahren Lehnert and Bob Kasenshak are both senior taxonomists at Synaptica, an enterprise taxonomy and ontology management software company. They work together, facilitate conference workshops together, hang out on podcasts together (see episode 19 of the UX Hustle Podcast!), and generally geek out about knowledge graphs together. They are truly experts in the field and we are lucky to get to learn from them!
Follow Ahren on Twitter: @ahrenlehnert
Follow Bob on Twitter: @taxobob

Sophia Prater, chief evangelist of OOUX, will play host and guinea pig as Ahren and Bob try and translate her system model, object map, and "ontologically structured glossary" into a knowledge graph. LIVE.

Knowledge Graphs
Global Accessibility Day
May 20, 2021
Online Event

Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which was launched in 2012 and happens every May, focuses on access and inclusion and celebrates the more than one billion people worldwide with disabilities. Come join Sam Ashlee, an accessibility advocate and senior user experience researcher at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, to learn some accessibility fundamentals and to talk about inclusion more broadly.


If you are interested in Object-Oriented UX and are looking for ways to apply the methodologies, you're in luck! OOUX and Notion go hand-in-hand; exploring one will help you build mastery of the other. Diving into Notion is a way to apply OOUX in the wild and practice creating and manipulating systems.

(( ))

We will use the OOUX process to map a simple system for project management and then design the system in Notion by:

(1) creating an object map,
(2) seeing how the object map translates to a table/database in Notion, and
(3) exploring how to represent the information to create a user-friendly dashboard with Notion's UI.

You will walk away with tools to start building systems in Notion using OOUX methodologies. Prior knowledge of OOUX and Notion is helpful but not necessary.

Lisa is a UX Designer and Certified OOUX Strategist with a background in math and science education and curriculum design. Her love for OOUX began while designing curriculum, and she realized that the process could help the team and company find clarity and create a cohesive product for teachers and students. Once she saw the parallels between Notion and OOUX, she was hooked and hasn't looked back.

Project Management
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