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We'll guide you through the key elements and core process of the JTBD framework in this self-paced learning experience.

Gain clarity on the essential skills needed to jump start any customer-centered initiative.


A rigorous, fast-paced course  designed and delivered by Sophia Prater; for UX designers, developers, and digital product people who are tackling complexity, wrangling stakeholders, and trying to make systems-level change in the experiences they create.


A 12-episode video course to help managers, directors, and practitioners understand design systems as a software product.

Design System
Amanda Worthington The UX Portfolio Power Play
Instructor: Amanda Worthington
Completed: February 2021

Take your portfolio from incomplete, hot mess, or cookie cutter to confident, clear, and uniquely you! And set you up for success so that you can continuously update your portfolio without having an "OH SHIT" moment later down the road. Say buh-bye to overhauling your website every 3-6 months and hello to sustainable design!

The Understanding Group Modeling for Clarity Remote Workshop
Instructor: Joe Elmendorf
Completed: September 2020

The Clear Modeling Framework provides students with a step-by-step guide to defining, designing, and sharing models that will give students confidence when approaching complexity. This workshop is very hands-on, allowing participants to actively produce models, then talk about your model with others using the Clear Modeling Framework introduced in the class.

Information Architecture
Object Oriented UX OOUX Certification Program
Instructor: Sophia Prater
Completed: July 2020

We understand environments (physical and digital) by identifying the objects within those environments. But digital environments are not beholden to the laws of physics. Without OOUX, it's easy to design systems that confuse users with unexpected objects that don't match their mental model of how the world works. And lots of blue, pink, yellow, and green sticky notes.

Interaction Design Foundation Accessibility: How to Design for All
Instructor: Frank Spiller
Completed: July 2020

Good accessibility is crucial to making your website or app a success. Not only is designing for accessibility required by law in many countries—if you fail to consider accessibility, you are excluding millions of people from using your product. Accessibility is so important—not just for moral and legal reasons, but also so that your products can reach their full potential. You need to design for accessibility!

Community Technology

Pragmatic Marketing Certification Level III encompasses three courses in one certification.

• Foundations gives you the tools and know-how you need to understand your market and the problems it faces, and then use that market knowledge to build and sell products people want to buy. It’s also a prerequisite upon which all our other courses are based.

• Focus shows you how to find opportunities in your market’s problems, score them objectively and identify where your company’s strengths intersect with market values.

• Build gives you the tools you need to prioritize requirements and plan releases that deliver truly remarkable experiences to your market. Learn how to provide a clear understanding of who your users are and what they’re trying to accomplish so development teams create innovative solutions that sell.

Interaction Design Foundation Information Visualization
Instructor: Alan DIx
Completed: June 2018

Course Topics

• An introduction to how to design basic information visualizations

• What makes a good information visualization

• How to apply a range of basic and complex information visualization techniques

• How the eye and the brain function together to deliver imagery, and how it affects information visualization design

• The history of the information visualization discipline

• How to avoid the common problems of visual perception in your designs

• How to evaluate the effectiveness of an information visualization

Information Design
Data Viz
Data Design
University of Minnesota User Interface Design Specialization
Instructors: Loren Terveen, Haiyi Zhu, Lana Yarosh, Dr. Brent Hecht, and Joseph A Konstan
Completed: October 2017

This specialization consists of a series of 5 courses:

• Introduction to UI Design

• User Research and Design

• Prototyping and Design

• Evaluating User Interfaces

• UI Design Capstone

UX Design
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